How to choose a Hong Kong based freelance English copywriter

Every copywriting project is unique. Which freelance English copywriter is your best fit?

Start by understanding copywriters. Who are they, how do they work, what can you get from them?

Copywriters are imaginative people who like to write

        Most people hate reading, let alone writing. Copywriters usually like to both read and write.

        Typically a copywriter will conduct some research to understand your story. Then write your story in a way that will move people.

Copywriters write to persuade

        Journalists write to inform. Scholars write to enlighten. Novelists and screenwriters write to entertain. All are storytellers in some way.

        Hire a copywriter if you need stories that will influence people’s thinking and behaviour about your product, business or whatever.


Silicon Valley VC gets a clear story

Because money alone won’t impress founders of hot startups...

A copywriter must bring you value

        A powerful story can change the world. How can a clear, persuasive, consistent story help you achieve your aims?

        If your objectives are complex or challenging, a clear story is a good investment. You’ll get that clarity through the copywriting process.

Copywriters must understand your needs

        What makes your thing special? The more your copywriter understands, the better. Inform your copywriter via a creative brief .

        Top copywriters are typically curious and like to learn. They will vacuum up every bit of information you feed them.


Aligning business strategy and story

Brand clarity for the global leader in commercial laundry...

Copywriters are part of a creative team

        For best results copywriters work with designers, art directors, coders, illustrators, animators and video directors.

        Relationship managers hold it all together. How you, your team and freelance copywriter connect strongly influences results.

Copywriters know when to stop

        It can be a challenge to write about your own stuff. So many great things to say. But what do people need to hear?

        A freelance copywriter finds the most effective words to grab your audience’s attention. Hold it. Then act on it.... I’ll stop now.